The Renaissance Group: A National Consortium of Colleges and Universities

What is TRG?

The Renaissance Group (TRG) is a national consortium of colleges, universities and a professional organization, with a major commitment to the preparation of educational professionals, and to the promotion of exemplary practices, partnerships and leadership that ensure high levels of teaching and learning for all of America’s schools. TRG is made up of institutions of mid-to-large size and comprehensive in programming, and is the only national consortium of colleges and universities, where Presidents, Provosts, Deans of Education and Deans of Arts and Sciences commit to the preparation of educators as an all-campus responsibility, in collaboration with local PK-12 school districts. These institutions have sizable teacher education programs indicating that the program is an important segment of the institution’s mission.

Fall 2013 Joint Conference Session

Fall 2013 Joint Conference Session

Furthermore, TRG is committed to the following additional set of principles:

  • The member institution values and models teaching excellence.
  • Teacher preparation is integrated across the curricula of general education, in-depth subject matter content, and professional studies in both general content and specific teaching methodologies.
  • The education of teachers incorporates extensive and sequenced field and clinical experiences in various settings with effective supervision.
  • The institution meets and exceeds national and state standards for the preparation of school personnel.
  • The university assesses learner outcomes in order to monitor its program effectiveness and assure teacher quality.
  • Pre-service teachers and faculty members reflect our pluralistic society and are committed to the education of all students in diverse schools.
  • The continuing professional development of teachers is the shared responsibility of the individual, the university faculty, and other professional educators.
  • The university provides learning experiences and mentoring that develops teachers who are creative and innovative leaders, and integrates technology throughout its teacher preparation program.

Through its active commitment to these principles, TRG serves as a proactive force for the improvement and reform of education—locally, regionally and nationally.

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