The Renaissance Group: A National Consortium of Colleges and Universities

What is TRG?

The Renaissance Group (TRG) is a national consortium of colleges and universities with a major commitment to the preparation of educational professionals, the promotion of exemplary practices, and partnerships to ensure the highest levels of teaching and learning for all America’s schools.  Presidents, Provosts, Deans of Education, and Deans of Arts and Sciences commit to the preparation of educators as an all-campus responsibility, in collaboration with PK-12 educators.

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Updates to our E-Journal Page

Additional e-journal editors were added. See the updates on our page.

Also see the new e-journal on the Educational Renaissance Journal page

TRG/TECSCU 2017 Fall Conference

The 2017 Fall Conference will be held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, beginning on Saturday, October 7th and concluding on Monday afternoon, October 9th, 2017! The theme for this year’s conference, “A Changing World: Opportunities and Critical Practices,” will bring many exciting speakers, presentations, and opportunities for meaningful discussions.

Proposal Submissions

Our conference page contains proposal strand information and a link to the proposal submission website.  Deadline for proposal submission: June 30, 2017.